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Bacon Venison Black Pepper and Juniper
  • Bacon Venison Black Pepper and Juniper

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    OK venison bacon, really? Yeah we were sceptical too however we were sooo wrong!  This is melt in your mouth delicious.  Fry in a little butter for a very short time and put between two slices of our bread, nothing else in life is required.    A truly excellent creation by Simon in the Cotswolds at The Curiosities Company, a bacon genius.


    This Venison bacon is made using the haunches of wild deer. Deer are shot to control their population as there are too many of them and they cause damage to farmland. They have no natural predators.

    The deer supplier is the Cotswold Game and Meat Company who provide The Curiosities Company with many haunches each month which they typically cure with Black Pepper and Juniper. This takes at least 6 weeks from the start of the curing process until it has dried enough to cut.

    The venison bacon is incredibly flavoured and extremely lean. We suggest frying it with a little butter as it has almost no fat of its own. A very healthy and worthy meat to have as a treat.


    The bacon packs are made to very high environmental standards. The outer pack is made of FSC 100% card. This all comes from sustainably managed forests. The inner lining is made from a biofilm which conforms to the OK Home composting standard. Leave no footprint.

    Meat is a treat. All the pork is from the best local freerange pigs we can find. Mostly rarebreed pigs. The salt used for curing is from Halen Mon on Anglesey.

    NO PLASTIC ANYWHERE! It is a plant based film that goes in the compost...

    100g pack.


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