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Great suppliers are the building blocks of everything we do and we've taken a lot of care and time sourcing the very best.

Wildfarmed Regenerative Flour

It is all about presence of life in the soil.

No chemicals, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, Wildfarmed Regenerative focuses on what putting life back into the, improving soil fertility, bringing biodiversity back into the fields and improving the land and ecosystem at every opportunity.

All grains grown in the UK/France and Milled just outside Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire


Single Origin Guatemala Coffee Beans

We will make it any way you like...

We don't like jargon but rest assured if you ask for a Flat White then you will get 18 grams of freshly ground bean pushed through our machine into 2 x 1oz

shots of Espresso in twenty-nine seconds, then gently mixed into an 8oz cup of perfectly textured steamed hot whole milk.

Our coffee is wood roasted by Ue in Witney, Oxfordshire


British Cultured Butter

The French no longer hold all the cards...

For croissants it is a must! Pedigree Guernsey cows for the milk with a unique golden colour and a beautifully rich flavour, churned into the best butter we know.

Our British cultured butter is made at The Estate Dairy in the Chew Valley, Somerset

Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Everybody needs good neighbours...

Our friends Beth and Alex run Core just around the corner, they have many great things, our bread too, pop in and say hello! You might even see them making Oat Milk for us containing only 4 ingreadients, food meters...

Our organic lifesavers, Core, Regent Street, Royal Leamington Spa

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