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Who we are

Haddie & Trilby is a Real Bakery which makes loaves and cakes completely from scratch. This means no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no additives - very different from the stuff you find on supermarket shelves. Just Real Bread with Real Ingredients.

Our bread is slowly-fermented - some take up to three days to make - which gives them an unrivalled depth of flavour. Haddie & Trilby's mission is to sell quality baked goods at a reasonable price.

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Our origins

George is the owner and founder of Haddie & Trilby. For most of his career he worked as a sound engineer for BBC Radio. His journey into baking only began when he and his family moved outside of Leamington in search of the 'country life' and he discovered there was no place nearby to buy fresh, quality bread. So he started baking at home. In no time he was making 5-10 loaves a week and handing them out to appreciative friends and colleagues.

George's passion for baking grew and grew. He started taking courses and spent his evenings working for free in local bakeries to improve his technique. In 2014 he decided to open his own place and Haddie & Trilby was born. Most of the house loaves he sells today are the same ones he refined all those years ago on his kitchen table.


The elephants

So who are Haddie & Trilby? For many in the Leamington Spa area Haddie and Trilby are local legends. Back in the Victorian era a Leamington native named Sam Lockhart began training elephants for the circus. He trained dozens of elephants but the most famous were the Three Graces: Haddie, Trilby and Wilhelmina. In his search for the perfect name, George thought he should create something which would tie his bakery to Leamington. Haddie & Trilby was a perfect fit, for, like elephants, real bread cannot be rushed.