The baker at Haddie & Trilby is George, a man, it’s fair to say who loves his food and loves bread above all. His house is home to a Bodliean library of cookery books, a fridge stuffed full of live yeast starters, his garden centre-piece the handmade wood fired pizza oven where hand spun sourdough pizzas blister and bake in moments. Now he’s going to be proving, shaping and baking Real Bread for you at 10 Regent Street, Royal Leamington Spa.

Just a year ago George was behind a different kind of mixer, he crafted programmes for BBC Radio but the desire to bake was never going to go away so George decided to re-train. Wayne Caddy (off to the Bakery Masters in Paris  in just a few weeks, the first Brit to ever compete at this level) was inspirational, as was the School of Artisan Food, the extraordinarily creative Dough Anarchist Aiden Chapman (you might have spotted him on Channel 4’s River Cottage) and the enormously talented and generous Jim Bishop of the Two Magpies Bakery.

Haddie & Trilby will be the only Real Bakery in Royal Leamington Spa where everything is crafted on site by hand, with no short-cuts or cheats. All our ingredients are carefully sourced. We will be using organic flour from from a mill which has been going since the Domesday book, their flour is truly exceptional. Our eggs are from hens so free-range they wouldn’t look out of place on a Beatrix Potter set and our coffee is from the kind of people we really love to deal with. They believe the only way to make great coffee is to wood roast it, the old-fashioned, traditional way. They were told it was no longer possible, so they spent two years perfecting their roasting techniques and we are delighted to be serving their coffee. The beating heart of truly great bakery is great bread. Ours is no exception. All our bread is slowly fermented, taking a minimum of twenty four hours to create (compare that to the thirty minutes an industrially produced loaf takes). Only time can create the unmistakable flavour and texture of Real Bread. We will also be making fresh pastries, seasonal tarts, indulgent cakes and lots of other fabulous baked goods.


Feel free to look through the ‘peep hole’ at 10 Regent Street! Its slowly but surely becoming a bakery. We have exhausted Farrow & Ball’s supply of testers, the decorators are nearly done, we are delighted with the work of our gentlemen builders R&D Building Services and we now have three phase electricity for one Rolls Royce (but a very green one) of an oven that arrived today.


We may be a small family business but we’re not lacking ambition, we want to change the way people eat bread in this town!

elephant in leamington

P.S. Wondering about the name? We’re named after the baby elephants of Sam Lockhart’s Victorian circus. Haddie & Trilby travelled from Ceylon to Royal Leamington Spa around a hundred and fifty years ago. Trilby was particularly talented and could ride a tricycle, Haddie could walk backwards on bottle tops and not break a single one. Good to have them back.